University of Buffalo will now be hiring scholars after it received $4.5 million. It will be using it to hire experts for specialty fields such as systems pharmacology, X-ray technology and robotics.

Its Scholar Recruitment

University of Buffalo (UB) has received around $4.5 million, which it will be using to recruit scholars. The university said State University of New York (SUNY) was offered it three grants from its “Empire Innovation Program,” which helps universities secure scholars with top track records for recruitment.

SUNY announced on Tuesday that it would be recruiting top researchers and scholars in three particular specialty fields: systems pharmacology, X-ray laser technology and robotics.

A large amount of the offer, around $3 million, will be used to go to the researchers working on robotics and artificial intelligence. This research will be helping support the university’s endeavors in driverless cars as well as cyber-security. UB recently had an automated vehicle demonstration on its campus last month.

One of the school’s deans, Liesl Folks, said: “The University at Buffalo recently was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to create a research facility dedicated to driverless and connected vehicle research. With Governor Cuomo’s support of these innovations, we will make traffic systems smarter, safer and more sustainable in New York State and beyond.”

It will be using the rest to hire top scholars for its “School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,” as well as in a National Science Foundation-funded research consortium which focuses on research in X-ray laser technology.

About the University

The University at Buffalo-SUNY is a public educational institution that ranks 43rd in among other public schools, and 99th among national universities. It also ranks 64th among the best colleges for veterans and has the 63rd best engineering programs for undergrads.

According to its website, its most popular majors include: “Social Sciences, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Engineering, Psychology and Biological and Biomedical Sciences.”

It also has a pretty high average retention rate of freshman at 88 percent. Retention rate is used to measure student satisfaction at the university. UB-SUNY has a total of 19,951 enrolled undergraduates.

NYSERDA’s president, John Rhodes, said: “The University at Buffalo is a leader in advancing innovative technologies. The Olli bus will help New York meet Governor Cuomo’s energy goals and is an example of how New York is leading the nation in advancing electric vehicles and reducing emissions in the transportation sector.”


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