Air pollution: pulmonary physicians of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide limits in question

A group of more than a hundred lung doctors calls for a critical Review of the effects of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides on health. In a statement, the doctors Express considerable doubt as to the scientific methodology in determining the limits...

Climate change: the ice on Greenland is melting faster than expected

The ice in Greenland is melting faster than expected. An international Team of geoscientists, the Ohio State University reported in a press release. According to their data, the decrease in the amount of Ice quadrupled – with potentially profound implications for sea-level...

WHO: Fled, sick and left alone

escape and Migration affect the body and Psyche. What are the consequences of it are, exactly? How is organized the help in Europe and what must change? For the first time, a report by the Europe is a regional office of the...

He Jiankui: China wants to punish the doctor after genetic modification of babies

China wants to punish the researchers, He Jiankui, a result of the genetic modification of several babies. As the state-run Xinhua news Agency reports, investigators came to the province of Guangdong to the conclusion that the physician has violated the law. He...

Polio: Pakistan launches first country-wide vaccination campaign against Polio

Pakistan wants to fight the viral disease Polio with a country-wide vaccination campaign. About 260,000 helpers to vaccinate in five days 39.2 million children under the age of five against the contagious disease, said the spokesman for Impfangelegenheiten Babar Bin Atta. ...


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Air quality: EU environment Commissioner defends pollutant limits

After the criticism of the German Lung and doctors to the EU limit values for fine dust and nitrogen oxides, has defended...