Cannabis: stoners are more likely to be mentally ill

Smoking Pot has on the Psyche, this is not news. Because of its psychoactive effect, people are consuming finally Cannabis. Many are aware of unwanted side effects. For some time the substance is suspected to psychosis, or even induce reinforce. Exactly to...

Ship of travel: An accident with heavy fuel oil is always a disaster

Contents page 1 — A wreck, the heavy oil is always a disaster page 2 — "In any case, a disaster" On a page Black lumps on surf beaches, glued birds and dying oysters: On the West French coast, expect the people of...

Labor movement: From the Proud to be a worker

Who speaks today about the Left, speaks about their crisis. And who speaks about these crises, to two terms: identity and class. Like two poles, they are in the debates. Between them is the field on which the decline of the Left...

The Abel prize: Karen Uhlenbeck receives major mathematics prize

The Norwegian Academy of Sciences has awarded the US-American mathematician Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck with the Abel prize. It is the first Time that the prize is awarded to a woman. "Your theories and our understanding of mini-surfaces such as the soap bubble...

Heart disease: How good is the Apple Watch warns of atrial fibrillation?

In September 2018 Appple Manager Jeff Williams in Cupertino, California, a new Apple Watch with ECG. This new model has not yet been the subject of study for atrial fibrillation. © Justin Sullivan/ Funded by Apple, the University of Stanford has conducted a...


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Glyphosate: In case of doubt, against the harmless

The Jury of the US court took the time. Actually, you had to decide last week, but the issue was complicated and...