State election Bavaria 2018: The free state is much more modern than the CSU believes it

Bayern is exclusively made up of people who wear Costumes. The men always wear hats on which Gamsbart are plugged in, and plaid shirts and leather pants. And the women wear Dirndl. Everywhere centuries old castles and monasteries and mountains, and it...

“Silicon Wadi”: The Youngest of the

The fervor is everywhere, in prayer, in conversation, in memoriam. Nowhere in the world is compacted in religious, as in the old city of Jerusalem, the centre of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Not far from the wailing wall, Church of the Holy...

Boris Palmer in the readers Chat: WORLD-reader questions, the Green-responding politicians

What are your ideas, Boris Palmer for a better management of Migration and for a successful Integration? What he advises his party to make their choice result, also to cash in on government investments? And what is the deal with the AfD,...

Theresa Mays Brexit Dilemma: go it would be better

The rumours began at the weekend, almost in the hour of the round. There is significant progress in Brexit negotiations, it was said. A Deal was within reach, reported by some media. He was already proclaimed other. Now it is clear: Shortly...

Realignment : why Jacques Mézard s'is

did he really want from this ministry ? After having been a minister flash of the Agriculture, Jacques Mézard will have been a short minister of territorial Cohesion. It is on the occasion of the first reshuffle of June 2017 that this...


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