Middle East conflict: A Kingdom for Faisal

Contents page 1 — A Kingdom for Faisal page 2 — The common search of new allies page 3 — A desperate Regent without a gloss On a page day and night, battle for battle-Faisal, Prince of the Hejaz, for this Moment, fought...

Glyphosate: 100 pesticides should remain with no test approved

The Federal government plans, according to a report, to extend the authorization of 100 pesticides without the announced examination. The response to a small request of the Greens, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported. "Probably", 100 products are to be allowed to remain,...

Space travel: Nasa terminated the Mission of the Mars Rover Opportunity

The US space Agency Nasa has declared the Mission of the Mars Rover Opportunity has officially closed. Previously one last attempt to communicate with the robot failed. Opportunity is not within reach since a violent dust storm eight months ago. The Rover...

Debate limits: pulmonary specialist cleared several times

lung specialist Dieter Köhler has argued in his critique of pollutant limit values with incorrectly calculated Numbers. He confirmed to the taz, the erroneous calculations revealed. Köhler had published with others an opinion, in which it was stated that there is "no...

Nitric oxide-debate: “can increase the ban By driving the health risks are even”

THE TIME: Mr Wichmann, you have worked as an epidemiologist for decades of the dangers of pollutants in the air, among other things, for the world health organization WHO. What did you think when you read the paper of the lung doctor,...


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Ticks: the maximum inflammation of TBE state at the time of...

In Germany have fallen ill in the past year, an above average number of people by ticks the summer of communicable early,...