Recycling: Gold from the Yellow bag

The people of separates a world champion diligently his garbage. Creates müffelnde packaging waste deposits in the kitchen and in the basement. The stuff in sheer yellow bags well-behaved on the road, where animals, empties collectors and the Wind is tearing you....

Sustainability: Less meat consumption protects humans and the environment

Who wants to live healthier and protect the environment, should eat less beef. The findings of a new study by the Oxford Martin School for the world economic forum (WEF). Beef increase, among other things, the Rate of heart attacks and cancer...

Orthodontics: Medical Use of braces according to the report, not assigned

The medical Benefits of dental braces and orthodontic treatments is not explored, according to a report sufficient. The investigated studies were "in terms of diagnostic and therapeutic orthodontic measures on a patient-relevant Benefit", - stated in a Meta-study by the Berlin-based IGES...

Speeding Truckers Linked to Other Risky Driving Behaviors

Commercial trucks are a major cause of deadly accidents on interstates highways across America. In 2016, 3,986 people died in large truck crashes and the numbers have been increasing since. The majority of the victims in these crashes were passengers or drivers in smaller...

Probe, Chang’e 4: “It is cool to land there”

Chang'e-4 probe lands first on the far side of the moon, Chang'e-4 is arrived on the far side of the moon. The Chinese probe is intended to explore the Geology and biology experiments. © Photo: Xinhua/Reuters contents page 1 — "It is cool to...


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The US health authority: United States register the highest number of...

In the United States have been registered this year, 695 measles cases – the highest number since the official eradication of the...