String of Car Accidents Puts a Damper on Nevada’s Bright Nightlife Scene

On Thursday night, June 6th, just after 8:00pm two pedestrians in Reno, Nevada were injured after a car crash occurred near Carat Avenue and Double Diamond Parkway. The Reno Police Department responded to the crash. Both of the pedestrians were taken to the hospital...

Toilet: you Can make this even better?

The man is a deficient being, wrote the philosopher Arnold Gehlen 1940. The progress seems to be to establish the myth: Because its in the Evolution-developed organs are too weak, tried, man, this deficiency by means of a technique to compensate. Bad:...

Artificial insemination: “The rules patients are hostile”

THE TIME: Mr Taupitz, your report reads like a cry for freedom. As Doctors and patients a prisoner of a backward policy would be. Is that not excessive? Select your access to and read directly. Digital-access All items on TIME ONLINE...

Nasa: detour to the moon

Of a man high platform protruding from the ceiling of a vaulted tower of the hall. A metal cuff that forms its lower half, the top of a gleaming white cylinder with red connections and the inevitable American flag sticking out. The...

Space photo: The earth is risen

the race to The moon, on 21. In July 1969 the first manned landing on the moon ended, produced images of breathtaking technology, astronauts in futuristic space suits, land ferries and start modules. The most influential photos but not to the modern...


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Canadian Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have produced a study that reveals an individual is killed by a drunk driver in Canada every half an hour....