Federal physician register: still large regional differences in physician density

The number of practice physicians in Germany has continued to increase – the range of treatment for patients but there are still large regional differences. This shows the Federal physician register of the cash-medical Federal Union (KBV). "The resource is a doctor...

Crispr: China orders investigation because of the birth of genetically engineered babies

The Chinese government hopes to have the statement of a scientist to the birth of genetically engineered babies check. The National health Commission in Beijing announced that the case will be treated in accordance with the statutory requirements of the principle of...

Early humans: Neanderthals were probably not more violent than Homo sapiens

Neanderthal man were more of the skull than modern man. The analysis of Skull remains, which had been examined for injuries. The results of their investigation inside the tübingen scientists and scientists in the current issue of the journal Nature (Harvati et...

Is Health Care Fraud a Sign of Abuse in Nursing Homes?

When most people hear the words “nursing home abuse,” they envision physical or mental abuse. However, not all forms of elder abuse are visible. In some cases, health care fraud may actually be a sign of abuse in nursing homes. What is Health Care Fraud? Health...

Conservation organization: the allegations against the WWF

There are serious allegations that the US-magazine "BuzzFeed News" after intensive research. The environmental organization World Wide Fund For Nature, in short WWF, is to co-Finance in several countries in Asia and Africa armed rank of troops and support. Members of such...


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What are the Crucial Reasons to Consider Redesigning Your Website?

Redesigning website is a strategic choice for the website owners. Effective website design can become the reason for the massive success of the online-based...