Dax-corporations: This gap shows how the value of Bavaria is really

The Bavarians are proud of their economic strength. Gross domestic product, Exports and unemployment figures provided so far, the evidence for the economic Superiority of the free state. Now an exclusive calculation of the "Bayern-Dax" shows how big of a lead over the Rest...

Diesel affair: Audi pays 800 million Euro penalty

The car manufacturer Audi pays in the diesel affair, a fine in the amount of 800 million euros. The parent group, VW said on Tuesday in Wolfsburg. The public Prosecutor's office Munich II proceedings initiated against Audi was completed, shared with the...

Planet geek : scoring goals with Fifa or PES ?

The GAME OF THE WEEK They will both make you score goals, " PES "2019, and "Fifa" 2019 Context. This made twenty-three years it lasts ! L’eternal classico between the enemy brothers of the virtual football resumes its rights. The license " Fifa ",...

Sexuality And the brain in all this ?

It must be there, the penis and the clitoris are only the arms, armed with our desires. The real sex organ, the one who seduces and enjoys, it is our brain. It is he who pulls all the strings of our sexuality....

Matzneff – Les princes de l'Church talk too much

For several days, we were not able to turn on the tv without seeing heated debates on the pope comparing abortion to be a crime of cutthroat. To be said by the way, the Holy Father pronounced the word "sicario" which, in...


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Which is the best state to form an LLC?

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are primarily a mystery to many entrepreneurs. Legal Zoom notes that an LLC combines the best elements of a corporation,...