Pixel 3 : l'weapon of Google to counter the'iPhone

do You remember the Nexus ? It was a smartphone produced by Google and launched in 2010, whose name was a reference to the book by Philip K. Dick The sheep dream of electric sheep ? and the marketing...

Phoebe – The brain also gets tired

What route should I take to go to a bus stop ? What path my hand will she follow in order to grasp an object ? These two situations have in common to be extremely simple and be carried out without taking...

Glyphosate : a minister of bad faith ?

The new Agriculture minister, Didier Guillaume, has just declared that, in the case of babies malformed, that" there may be suspicions, but there is no scientific evidence ". If it considers that there is no danger to the health regarding glyphosate, why...

London : a crowd giant demand a second referendum on the Brexit

tens of thousands of people, according to the organizers, began to protest loudly this Saturday in London to demand a referendum on the final agreement on the Brexit, again negotiated between London and Brussels to five months of the withdrawal of the...

Mélenchon, visé by the judges, s’takes the médias

Between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the media, the cloth burns... again. The sequence opened with the searches conducted at home or at the headquarters of the party of the leader of France insubordinate (BIA) has degenerated, at the end of the week, in a confrontation...


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