London : a crowd giant demand a second referendum on the Brexit

tens of thousands of people, according to the organizers, began to protest loudly this Saturday in London to demand a referendum on the final agreement on the Brexit, again negotiated between London and Brussels to five months of the withdrawal of the...

Postbank study: happiness budget of the German is maxed out

Baden-Württemberg and southern Bavaria are the vibrant economic centres of power in Germany. And also parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and lower Saxony are home to companies that are internationally successful and to guarantee your home for prosperity and good Jobs. However, in...

Sexuality And the brain in all this ?

It must be there, the penis and the clitoris are only the arms, armed with our desires. The real sex organ, the one who seduces and enjoys, it is our brain. It is he who pulls all the strings of our sexuality....

Mixed Martial Arts: MMA Fight Club for neo-Nazis in the Saxon town of Ostritz

The Saturday on which the Nazis come to Ostritz, is beautiful. The sun's rays flood the streets of the 2400 inhabitants of the Village in Saxony. In the gardens, families sitting on the grill breeding meat tent. In the afternoon, a motorcade...

A large Problem in the ‘ 90s led to the fact that Estonia depends on today digital all

„Alles begann zufällig 1996 in einer Hotellobby mit Thomas, Johnny und mir“, sagt der Hüne Jaak Aaviksoo. Der 64-Jährige zieht die Augenbrauen wie ein Märchenerzähler hoch. Thomas heißt mit Nachnamen Ilves, war damals Außenminister, später zehn Jahre Estlands Präsident. Und Johnny? „Ein...


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MH17 Investigators Weigh Heavily on Russia

Telephone cuttings are to prove a close connection of the Kremlin to Ukrainian separatists - and thus to the downing of the passenger aircraft...