The inégalités land of the collèges public in the Ile-de-France

Less teachers, professors, younger and educational teams that are less stable : the middle school students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the Ile-de-France enjoy conditions of labour less favourable than those areas that are more preferred. A situation that causes inequality in learning achievement, notes...

L’intégrité of science is intangible

Editorial of the " World ". Anyone interested in the history of science knows how much this activity is human, and subject to the passions, the rivalries, and the quest for knowledge puts up some small arrangements to the bare facts, when it is...

Bike Highway? It’s just a question of motorists slowing down

driving a car in Munich is becoming more and more spoiled. Firstly, because it attracts more and more people in the Bavarian capital, and thus also the number of vehicles increases. On the other hand it is also the one - sided...

Munich-based Realtor reveals: A small Detail, my friend and I got the apartment

visited my friend (31) and I (25) the apartment in the Schwabing district of Munich, there were except us with around fifty other interested parties. Up to the third floor, we were all crowded in the stairway and down in front of...

Ill written, but in the cinema allowed me to fire the boss?

Error 1: right to severance pay often, employees think that in the case of terminations a General right to redundancy pay. The answer is clearly "no". However, the employer may offer a severance payment and in exchange, the employee may request to waive...


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Cartography: Surveying the ancient world

The Austrian national library is celebrating the item," this year your 650-year anniversary. Every month we present in this series, an object...