Lauterbach (Hesse): Fighting bobcats give clear leadership from the Hand

it was very close to our Lauterbacher lynx. In the last Minute of the ice hockey had to-regional-tier a clear 5:1 give up and moved against the Ratinger Ice Aliens 5:6 (3:0 1:1 1:5) the shorter. The lynx, after the completion...

Appendicitis : surgery, c'is not automatic !

A misconception is that the crisis of appendicitis is a synonym of passage on the operating table. A new study published on 25 September in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and relayed by Ouest-France has yet to prove the...

Navarino 1827: destruction of the Turkish fleet, the Greeks saved

In 1827, the Greeks were at the end. Six years and your rebellion against the Sultan lasted already. But had gained a powerful ally. Ironically, Mehmed Ali Pasha, his renegade Governor of Egypt, had set for the offer, also in the Peloponnese,...

Species recover from the people in is no earlier than three million years ago

the extinction of The Northern wide-mouth Rhino you could watch. In March, the last living male specimen died. Sudan was his Name, he is survived by his daughter and his granddaughter. Continue plant. the two not more Thus, the species is considered...

Life expectancy: Spanish life soon, at the longest

In the morning, only a Espresso, lunch, a small Lunch for a Siesta and in the evening with the family "Paella" with fish and vegetable feast. This is the secret recipe to live longer? Possible. The Spaniards seem to have found this recipe. Until...


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Ticks: the maximum inflammation of TBE state at the time of...

In Germany have fallen ill in the past year, an above average number of people by ticks the summer of communicable early,...