In own thing: awards for three data journalism projects

the editors of SPIEGEL ONLINE have won three awards for its interactive and visual journalism. Two of the excellent article questioning critically, how mobility in Germany developed and what that means for the readers personally. according to the news Agency...

The inégalités land of the collèges public in the Ile-de-France

Less teachers, professors, younger and educational teams that are less stable : the middle school students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the Ile-de-France enjoy conditions of labour less favourable than those areas that are more preferred. A situation that causes inequality in learning achievement, notes...

Bike Highway? It’s just a question of motorists slowing down

driving a car in Munich is becoming more and more spoiled. Firstly, because it attracts more and more people in the Bavarian capital, and thus also the number of vehicles increases. On the other hand it is also the one - sided...

Content of study: So much to earn, German companies, heads of

Met the CEO of the forecasts, this year again 23.000 Euro royalties. In purely mathematical terms, the company Boss, and so ends up in 16.162 euros per month. This is the Median value, which means that is a half of the respondents...

Ill written, but in the cinema allowed me to fire the boss?

Error 1: right to severance pay often, employees think that in the case of terminations a General right to redundancy pay. The answer is clearly "no". However, the employer may offer a severance payment and in exchange, the employee may request to waive...


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Ticks: the maximum inflammation of TBE state at the time of...

In Germany have fallen ill in the past year, an above average number of people by ticks the summer of communicable early,...