In own thing: awards for three data journalism projects

the editors of SPIEGEL ONLINE have won three awards for its interactive and visual journalism. Two of the excellent article questioning critically, how mobility in Germany developed and what that means for the readers personally. according to the news Agency...

L’intégrité of science is intangible

Editorial of the " World ". Anyone interested in the history of science knows how much this activity is human, and subject to the passions, the rivalries, and the quest for knowledge puts up some small arrangements to the bare facts, when it is...

Best Online Casinos in Germany

Online casinos are virtual versions of a traditional casino where gamblers can play different casino games over the internet. There are two types of online casinos: Web-based and download –only casinos. The web-based casino enables you to play the game without having to download...

Bike Highway? It’s just a question of motorists slowing down

driving a car in Munich is becoming more and more spoiled. Firstly, because it attracts more and more people in the Bavarian capital, and thus also the number of vehicles increases. On the other hand it is also the one - sided...

Munich-based Realtor reveals: A small Detail, my friend and I got the apartment

visited my friend (31) and I (25) the apartment in the Schwabing district of Munich, there were except us with around fifty other interested parties. Up to the third floor, we were all crowded in the stairway and down in front of...


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Canadian Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have produced a study that reveals an individual is killed by a drunk driver in Canada every half an hour....