Apple CEO Cook on privacy and security: “Otherwise you will be hacked”

Many consumers find it annoying to have to deal with privacy issues: Yes, for sure, kind of important, but also kind of awkward. Apple CEO Tim Cook, however, it is different: there is hardly an issue, he argues, the most passionate in...

Myth G-Spot: Pure-Button Thing

The female G spot is a mystery. Little is in fact been proven, so let's start at the best of what is undoubtedly. The man who found this Hotspot or invented? - is the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. Hence the Name, G...

Football : the sentimental life tumultuous Neymar

In Brazil, where we scrupulously follows every gesture of Neymar, this is not really his absence during the game against Amiens on Saturday afternoon, which made good publicity, but her sentimental life. In an interview with the brazilian magazine Quem, the actress...

The pétrole expensive risk to weigh on the growth fran&case;comfortable

Bad news for the portfolio of the French. The course of the black gold, which rose throughout the year, are likely to continue their momentum in the coming weeks. While he was around 56 dollars (49 euros) in October 2017,...

Paulo Guedes, the « Chicago Boy », which inspires Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro the nickname and sometimes her "husband" and his " swiss army knife ". Paulo Guedes is, in reality, the trump card of the candidate of the far-right brazilian, tipped to become the future president of the country at...


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