The case of Khashoggi: The sanctions against Saudi Arabia are intended to be short

In case of doubt, for the accused: In a German criminal trial, no one would have the idea to make this ancient principle in question. However, while before the court must be dispelled doubt as to the guilt, the public opinion of...

Travel tips for a spectacular gap year

Travel is the path to finding yourself. That’s why you’ll hear anyone who went on a gap year before university lament the good old days when they could roam free and see new sights. Ask those people a question about their travels and you’ll be...

Global warming: The fight against the climate crisis begins at home

It is a climate week. The recent intergovernmental panel on climate change presented to the world the report on the consequences of global warming. Since then, we know that the increase of half a degree can make a deadly difference for all...

“More Light”: Horst Seehofer, Goethe Same

earthquake, Disaster, the mother of all defeats – in the annotation to the output of the Bavaria election was a ring in the superlatives series. But so superlative was this review, relatively are the consequences. Even if nothing more is as it...

What to do if you suspect your teen is drinking

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that 4 in 10 teens drink alcohol before their 21st birthday, and 1 in those 4 drove under influence. It’s worrying to find out that 1 in 4 teens engaged in binge drinking at least once...


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Sports betting on favorable terms

Bookmakers are becoming more and more popular, for example, sports betting - Here, fans can easily find dozens of disciplines, and you can...