Angela Merkel and Joachim Löw: So you could stop without losing Face

Angela Merkel is dying and for a while, with their authority, it goes faster downhill, than with the shares of Commerzbank. Not even your group listens to the Chancellor, nevertheless, you continue undeterred. Joachim löw's lucky streak ended, however, only with the...

Travel tips for a spectacular gap year

Travel is the path to finding yourself. That’s why you’ll hear anyone who went on a gap year before university lament the good old days when they could roam free and see new sights. Ask those people a question about their travels and you’ll be...

EU arrest: Conservative policy in Europe is pathetic

If you don't expect much, is to endure the disappointment easier: more and more the principle of the EU summit, the last in Salzburg. Always the same agenda, on top of Brexit and refugees. But then again, nothing more than dissent. Well...

150 Million years old: scientists discover prehistoric-Piranha

He is perhaps the first bone fish that nibbled on conspecifics: In southern Germany, paleontologists have examined the fossil Remains of a fish that lived 150 million years ago - and is likely similar to today's Piranhas have sharp teeth, prey is...

Global warming: The fight against the climate crisis begins at home

It is a climate week. The recent intergovernmental panel on climate change presented to the world the report on the consequences of global warming. Since then, we know that the increase of half a degree can make a deadly difference for all...


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Canadian Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have produced a study that reveals an individual is killed by a drunk driver in Canada every half an hour....