Brexit: Blair, Clegg and Heseltine: We need another EU Referendum

It would be an understatement to say that the negotiations to take Britain out of the European Union have not gone well. For all the promises made during the referendum, the advocates of leaving the EU both underestimated the fundamental...

World politics is a merciless, often disgusting business

A critic of the Saudi crown Prince disappears in a Saudi Consulate, and leave it as dead, but Donald Trump rejected the suggestion. The price for world politics sometimes. Saudi Arabia is the second example of this kind, North Korea, the first....

Cancellation claims: Horst Seehofer, the Teflon boss

Horst Seehofer, can't leave it. While in Munich, the arg truncated CSU parliamentary group formed, and the soundings, with the Greens, FDP and the Free voters to be prepared, provoked the party boss his delicate troupe unnecessary. Especially a remark is likely...

150 Million years old: scientists discover prehistoric-Piranha

He is perhaps the first bone fish that nibbled on conspecifics: In southern Germany, paleontologists have examined the fossil Remains of a fish that lived 150 million years ago - and is likely similar to today's Piranhas have sharp teeth, prey is...

BGR-study of gases and noble: So just Helium, Xenon, and co. are really

to understand Quite simply, the thing is. The noble gas Helium after hydrogen, the second most common Element in the universe. In the case of the nuclear fusion in the Interior of our sun, it is produced constantly and in large quantities....


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The end of the Pochettino era: sports betting – sympathizes...

The Argentine specialist has long been on the brisk of resignation, but every time various circumstances helped him to keep his post. On November...