New without micheltum: The SPD must learn to walk in the abyss

The SPD will be able to stop your descent, when you realize that he is unstoppable. There is a simple recipe for the re-emergence, the Comrades would have found it. They're not stupid Yes. But as it is, in Bertolt Brecht: "Yes,...

Travel time as working time: 480 hours per year in the car – unpaid

you are in a traffic jam on the highway, stuck at the airport, working until late in the night in the hotel room and push the frustration. Many workers felt unfairly treated, because of the business trips of your company are not...

“More Light”: Horst Seehofer, Goethe Same

earthquake, Disaster, the mother of all defeats – in the annotation to the output of the Bavaria election was a ring in the superlatives series. But so superlative was this review, relatively are the consequences. Even if nothing more is as it...

The case of Khashoggi: The sanctions against Saudi Arabia are intended to be short

In case of doubt, for the accused: In a German criminal trial, no one would have the idea to make this ancient principle in question. However, while before the court must be dispelled doubt as to the guilt, the public opinion of...

Angela Merkel and Joachim Löw: So you could stop without losing Face

Angela Merkel is dying and for a while, with their authority, it goes faster downhill, than with the shares of Commerzbank. Not even your group listens to the Chancellor, nevertheless, you continue undeterred. Joachim löw's lucky streak ended, however, only with the...


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Travelling from Shimla to Manali

One of the most popular and scenic driving routes in Himachal Pradesh, a road trip from Shimla to Manali was long due on my...

What Is Sexual Harassment?