France: This new car plan Renault, Citroën and Peugeot

What was the now – friendly restraint or a missed opportunity? Is that the French manufacturers were bothered at the Paris Salon in 2018 from your direct competitors. VW, Ford, Opel, Fiat, Alfa, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi – they were not come to...

Artificial intelligence in the car: man as a machine agent

we Lose in the digital noise of our enjoyment of life, emotional and Relationship skills? The wonders of the staff developer and philosopher Thomas Weir in his new book, "incident man". In the WORLD Interview, he looks more vulnerable than the privacy...

BMW X7: From the 7 series, a luxury is now-SUV with seven Seats

As the new X5 wasn't big and imposing enough, after pushing the BMW in March of 2019 for the first Time, a X7. For prices from approximately 80,000 euros he then gives the 7-series on stilts and want to compete in the...

Exclusive models: The new classics – Alfa Romeo NRING-series

Who loves cars, loves Motorsport, and anyone who loves Motorsport, the past comes to Alfa Romeo. The Milan-based company with a long tradition is celebrating its 108. Birthday with two exclusive NRING models. Alfa Romeo moves for almost 100 years of racing...

Henryk M. Broder: we don’t have to ban anything and everything – only Diesel!

This is the curse of the good deed that you, can only give rise to convincing, always new. As you all know, has just pronounced a Berlin administrative court at the request of the German environmental aid is a diesel prohibition for...


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The end of the Pochettino era: sports betting – sympathizes...

The Argentine specialist has long been on the brisk of resignation, but every time various circumstances helped him to keep his post. On November...