Gender research: Hungary abolishes the subject of Gender Studies

no one need the tray, Vice-Chairman Zsolt Semjén, state Secretary Bence Rétvári and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. This has signed a decree on the abolition of study Gender Studies. It is now no longer on the list of approved in Hungary master's...

Artificial intelligence in the car: man as a machine agent

we Lose in the digital noise of our enjoyment of life, emotional and Relationship skills? The wonders of the staff developer and philosopher Thomas Weir in his new book, "incident man". In the WORLD Interview, he looks more vulnerable than the privacy...

Henryk M. Broder: we don’t have to ban anything and everything – only Diesel!

This is the curse of the good deed that you, can only give rise to convincing, always new. As you all know, has just pronounced a Berlin administrative court at the request of the German environmental aid is a diesel prohibition for...

Sélection albums : SpiriTango Quartet, David Bowie, Minino Garay&welcome to join;

SpiriTango Quartet TrANsGressiOnS that Formed eight years ago by young musicians of classical training, the SpiriTango Quartet is a quartet (actual directory), but a quartet to a full-fledged (graduated as such at the Paris Conservatory), in the tradition of the great string quartets....

Brussels Launched Criminal Case Against Britain

Britain is still a member of the European Union. But the country refuses to name a candidate for the new commission. Therefore, an infringement procedure has been initiated in Brussels. Great Britain, as an EU state, has not fulfilled its obligations, said the current EU...


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