Thierry Henry, one of scène

In the Principality, the excitement is a relative concept, often more media than popular. The bad results of AS Monaco, 18th in Ligue 1, only unleashed no mobs, just lead to a revolution of palace. The forced departure of coach Leonardo Jardim and his...

Venantino Venantini, the last of the « crooks in clover », is death

Handsome, pace, class, worthy of the country where he was born, the comedian Italian Venantino Venantini, whose face is more likely to say more than the name, died Tuesday, October 9, at the age of 88 years. Particularly known in France for having...

Assassination of Thomas Sankara: Africa’s Che Guevara

"Where is imperialism?", the President of Burkina Faso, in 1983, asked. And his people gave themselves the simple and striking answer: "you see him on your plates: imported rice, and Maize, imported millet. This is imperialism." The President Thomas Sankara...

The painter and Spanish sculptor Eduardo Arroyo is dead

He had the elegance of a gentleman, the enthusiasm and the combativeness of a Don Quixote. The painter and Spanish sculptor Eduardo Arroyo, died in Madrid Sunday 14 October, died of cancer at the age of 81 years. "I was...

A story of the World Académie : The primary on the right, or a history of withdrawalés

It is a circular room flooring vitrified, dim light of bars to the old, a little chic. On the wood paneling, the poster for the next Tea dance (12 euros the entrance), are covered tonight by the calico colored " #avecBLM ". September 8,...


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A Russian machine gun called the best in the world

A Russian machine gun called the best in the world

Heavy machine guns have become an integral part of modern warfare. It is the weapon has much more firepower and, consequently, a greater capacity than conventional firearms. These guns can not only deal with manpower of the enemy, to destroy the fortifications and to destroy lightly armored vehicles, but even to deal with the snipers.