Greece: One day, three Islands – a cruise in the time lapse

The most exclusive cabin remains today. No wonder, Sleeping is not thinking on this cruise anyway. Who wants to spend the time on the huge bed while the ship sails for a whole day, with an intensive compact program by the deep...

Travel to the Balkans: Serbia’s return to Europe

Leerstellen sagen oft mehr aus als Bilder. So besitzt zwar das Serbische Nationalmuseum in Belgrad ein Exemplar des Monumentalgemäldes „Wanderung der Serben“ von Paja Jovanović. Doch das Bild wird in der neuen Dauerausstellung des frisch renovierten Museums nicht gezeigt. ...

Vacation in Europe: These 5 countries as travel destinations in the Coming

The UN world tourism organization (UNWTO) presented at the end of September, their latest surveys of tourism trends. Conclusion: It traveled more of the world, especially to North Africa and Europe. The international arrivals were in 2017, with a seven percent growth...

Wladimir Kaminer on cruise: “a Aperol Prima spray?”

Our large ship was seen from the train, a white, twelve-story castle, painted with a bright red kiss mouth. They shone in the sun as the tallest building of Warnemünde, higher than the old "Hotel Neptun". All owners of the Beautiful weekend...

Street food in Vietnam: just Order, don’t think!

ordered, Who wants to leave it in Ho-Chi-Minh-city crack, a Cup of coffee. Although there are in Vietnam's largest metropolis on every corner to buy good, cheap coffee, but if it is already time to pay a visit to it would of...


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Which is the best state to form an LLC?

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are primarily a mystery to many entrepreneurs. Legal Zoom notes that an LLC combines the best elements of a corporation,...