Uproar in the circle League: football-Amateur bites opponent a piece of nose

The player came to his club Essener SG 99/06, in a hospital. "to Him, it is doing well under the circumstances", said Association official Thomas rush. The other players flew to the bite, with the Red from the square. The match on...

World travel for every type – from 60 hours to 171 days

The holiday reality of most German looks like this: 58 per cent have made in 2017, according to tourism analysis of the Foundation for future questions, a journey of at least five days, and the most visited holiday destination was Germany. The...

Laura Dahlmeier: double Olympic champion sets long-Biathlon-break

"Currently, I'm just not in the way that it is necessary to be able to professionally train. Now I have to just listen to my body and - as they say - the air letting him," said the 25-Year-old in a communication...

Schleswig-Holstein: Kiel is a great resort!

There is not a lot of fun, from a public office to withdraw. But sometimes it's the only option, and sometimes you even find that you can no longer live in his home town. But such things happen. And has given me...

Hygiene on travel: For Germ phobia sufferers airports are the Horror

you Will also to the Monk, when it comes to germs in public transport? It was this forced eurotic TV-Detective with a fear of bacteria, viruses and the like. Fittingly, he also had to find time Donald Trump in the...


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MH17 Investigators Weigh Heavily on Russia

Telephone cuttings are to prove a close connection of the Kremlin to Ukrainian separatists - and thus to the downing of the passenger aircraft...