Education leaders from Cornwall’s university and colleges are assuring students and staff that all its buildings are fire-safe, following the Grenfell Tower fire incident.

Their Reassurance

The education leaders from the largest colleges and only university in Cornwall are reassuring all of their students and staff that their buildings are fire-safe, following the Grenfell Tower fire.

Colleges including Falmouth College, Cornwall College, Penwith College and Truro all went through their fire security system to make sure everything was in check. Fire chiefs did an inspection on the only high rise building at St Austell’s Park House apartments and are reassuring its residence that it is fire proof.

A Cornwall College spokesman also told staff and students: “The fire brigade called in to inspect the Tamar building at our Camborne campus and they left more than happy with no requests for additional measures to be put in place.”

“None of our buildings are covered in the same cladding as Grenfell Tower. The cladding on the Tamar tower at Camborne campus is very different, being made entirely of non-combustible materials and with fire stops at each floor level.

“We have robust fire safe safety systems, our procedures are clear and we don’t have a ‘stay put’ policy.”

Penwith and Truro College operations director, Jane Cashmore, said: “We are fortunate that all of our buildings are as originally constructed and have no cladding similar to Grenfell Tower. Our oldest buildings are block and render, newer ones have solid concrete panels. None of our buildings are higher than three storeys and all buildings have multiple stairways and exit points.”

“We have fire risk assessments for every building, which we review annually or following any internal alteration to the accommodation.”

The Colleges On the Fire Inspection

The fire safety head of department, Justin Sharp said: “High rise buildings are designed to resist fire, stop the spread of smoke and provide a safe means of escape. Most fires do not spread further than the flat of origin.

“I would like to assure everybody that Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service carries out regular inspections of blocks of flats, including Park House Flats, the only high-rise building in Cornwall, which is owned and managed by Ocean Housing, and fully complies with current fire safety regulations.”

All residential buildings that accommodate many students have also been reviewed and checked as “safe.”

All colleges have checked and ensured that none of their buildings were covered with the same controversial material that enabled the fire in Grenfell Tower.

He also added: “It is essential that people know what to do in the event of a fire so that they can protect themselves and their families. This is particularly important for the more vulnerable members of our communities, such as the over 60’s and people with mobility issues.”


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