As the incredibly popular battle royale game, Fortnite, only continues to rise in popularity all over, Devin Sharp has become the first player to be signed in by Ashland University.


Devin Sharp has become the first Fortnite player to be signed to Ashland University by receiving a scholarship which will allow him to pursue his education at the university. Speaking to ESPN, Devin Sharp said that he was shocked by the news.

He also said: “Hearing it being said in those words, it’s nothing short of mind-blowing. On the other hand, it also motivates me to keep grinding, because of its proof that hard work towards your dreams really can pay off.” Ashland University, located in Ohio, is the first private university to present scholarships to players of the massively popular hit, Fortnite.


Epic Games, the developer behind the ever-popular battle royale game, Fornite, recently announced plans for a $100 million investment into the competitive game. With competitive gaming rising in the past few years due to other competitive titles such as League of Legends and DOTA, gaming based scholarships have become as big as the games themselves.

Joshua Buchanan, Ashland University’s coach, spoke to ESPN about how Fortnite’s popularity was a major factor, saying: “I think Fortnite also captures more groups of gamers than nearly any other game. It really captures the core esports fans while also capturing the casual gamer as well as the mobile gamer.”

David Sharp’s passion for Fornite was sparked while playing video games with his friends. He noticed one friend playing a game that wasn’t he’d never heard nor seen anyone play before. After finding out it was free to download and play, he was instantly hooked and has been playing it every single day since then and spoke about his love for it and how he loves constantly improving at it.


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