According to TVNZ, Michigan State University has settled with a payment of $500 million to the victims of sexual assault by Larry Nassar.

The Victims

After being accused by over 300 women and girls of sexual assault, Michigan State University has agreed to pay a total of $500 million dollars in settlements after the university was accused by many of complete ignorance towards the horrific acts. The university was accused of ignoring the complaints of many women dating as far back as the 90’s. Although the university itself dismisses and insists that no one was ignored or that any incidents were actively covered up, Larry Nassar’s supervisor was also accused of neglecting to keep a proper eye on Larry Nassar.

Brian Breslin, chairman of Michigan State’s governing board, said:”We are truly sorry to all the survivors and their families for what they have been through, and we admire the courage it has taken to tell their stories,” and “We recognise the need for change on our campus and in our community around sexual assault awareness and prevention.”

Due Bills

The settlement money will not be divided equally among the victims and it hasn’t been announced how the money will be separated. Rachael Denhollander, the first female to publicly identify herself as a victim of Larry Nassar said that the settlement and agreed amount of pay “reflects the incredible damage which took place on MSU’s campus.”

Larry Nassar is now serving three life sentences after pleading guilty to sexually abusing women and girls and covering up the acts as medical treatment. He was also discovered to have child pornography. After more than 250 women came forward with accusations of sexual assault between January and February, Nassar pleaded guilty, with even more victims stepping forward and accusing him of heinous acts. Many victims spoke of how Nassar was a well-known and leading figure of authority in the sport and that they couldn’t speak up about him.


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