Christina Majors certainly struggled in her life. The sophomore from the University of North Georgia grew up under terrible circumstances in her unstable home, later dropped out from her high school, managed to fail her GED twice before she finally passed it, then incurred a $60,000 debt in order to gain an associates degree from a private Nashville institution, Aquinas College, in 2010.

Having an education from college actually opened doors for this mother, who has five children.

“I blossomed and continued to learn,” said Majors. “I yearned for more because I missed so much as a child.”

Majors’ Story

The Lawrenceville woman 40, felt inspired to go back to college after over 7 years, then enrolled at North Georgia University in January of this year. Her debt, though, proved it would become an obstacle. She said her ability to attend classes next semester wasn’t guaranteed until she heard that she would be receiving the scholarship from the school to cover her tuition.

Majors was unable to maintain her posture upon hearing the news.

“I fell apart,” Majors said crying. “I felt overwhelmed.”

Her husband works for the majority of the month with only 3 days off to support the family and continue to fund her education. He suffers from a disease yet continue to do this.

“It’s very testing, you never know when he is going to be pushed to his limit. Those overtime hours are never guaranteed,” said Majors. “Each semester is unknown to me. It’s made it difficult because he’s been removed from the home. He’s doing what he has to do to provide for me.”

Majors shares her story and her gratitude upon receiving the scholarship along during a Women’s Holiday Scholarship Luncheon on December 7 at the Chattahoochee Country Club, Gainesville.


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