Recent figures have shown a continuous decrease in white people despite the steadily increasing number of ethnic students and groups across the U.K

National Debate

A national debate has been called for by experts after studies and figures showed that young white students attending universities have decreased continuously despite a rising number of admissions across the kingdom.

The national debate is to discuss “culture and ambition in white working-class families” after studies revealed these facts. Admissions and attendance of several ethnic groups have shown a consistent rise, with black students increasing by 11%, Asian students increasing by 12% and other ethnic groups all over increasing by 18%

Experts have stated that even though the growing number of ethnic students attending and enrolling in universities is good news, the main concern is the extremely poor educational performance by white students.


The constant drop in white students has become problematic as experts fear that young students are less likely to receive good GCSE and A-level results.

Dr. Lee Elliot Major, chief executive of the Sutton Trust, has stated that “We know that white students from poorer homes are much less likely to get 5 good GCSEs and go on to do A levels. We must redouble our efforts to address these attainment gaps and ensure that every pupil, regardless of where they live, their family income, gender or ethnicity has the chance to succeed.”

The Department of Education has voiced its thoughts, stating that “Today’s figures show that more people are choosing to go to university, including those from disadvantaged areas and those whose parents did not go to university.”

Worries and concerns are revolving around the idea that as more white students drop out of university or don’t even enroll can continue to increase.


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