Oliver Mears has been awaiting his trial for over 2 years after being accused of assault and rape at a party in 2015.

Full Review

After a lack of evidence against Oliver Mears, the police, as well as prosecutors, have dropped the case with a judge demanding to know why the case has been dropped only days before the trial as well as stating that is was a very “Unnecessary delay” to the case and that it should not have reached such a late point.

The Crown Prosecution Service spoke out and said that it would not be handing in any new evidence after new material was received by the Surrey police. Barrister Sarah Lindop stated that “In light of the new information the prosecution no longer had a realistic prospect of success.” After awaiting new information to be sent over regarding the accusors personal diary. “The decision was made at a number of levels for the case to continue no more,” she added.

The Case

The case was said to be “Finely Balanced” by Sarah Lindop with the prosecutors having to make very specific applications to see the accusors diary. She added that “We were also awaiting confirmation from the police in terms of the digital devices seized and their investigation into those.”

Oliver Mears was arrested when he was 17 after being accused of sexual assault at a party. The Judge has cleared him of all charges even though he wasn’t present to hear them himself. Questions have been raised as to why Oliver was arrested in the first place after a lack of proper evidence from the police and countless mishaps along the way.

Judge Jonathan Black has said that “Both Mr.Mears and the complainant have had this matter hanging over their heads for two years in circumstances that, had the investigation been carried out properly in the first instance, would not have led to this position.”


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