The amount of confirms cases of the mumps infection in Syracuse University has jumped to 22 from 13 in only 2 days, according to the Office of Health Services at the university.

There are a potential 19 additional probable cases along with the 22 confirmed cases, which has also risen from from five potential cases on Thursday.

Fighting the Infection

The office of health services posted their most recent  number of potential mumps infections online Friday night.

Students  who have contracted this illness were immedietly vaccinated, the health website stated. Students who were diagnosed with or potentially might have contracted mumps are currently being isolated away from the university community for a maximum of five days.

A few students that have suspected or confirmed cases of the mumps were relocated to hotels, such as Sheraton’s Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center, confirmed an SU spokesmen.

School Reaction

Despite chatter surrounding the outbreak, SU has not stated any intentions to shut down the university if a specific number of college students contract the illness.

Five additional students that have refrained from submitting their vaccination records for religious or medical reasons were also “excluded” from the campus for a minimum of 25 days. Their 25-day period of exclusion resets every time a new case of the mumps is confirmed, Karen Nardella, the medical director of student health services said.

This Wednesday, the Onondaga County Health Commissioner, Indu Gupta, stated that the outbreak has predominately affected students who are also athletes, many of which are on the women’s and men’s lacrosse teams.

All women’s and men’s lacrosse events were cancelled for the entire fall season, and all other organized lacrosse related activities are cancelled for exactly three weeks following Oct. 6.

Symptoms of this illness include muscle aches, fever, an inflamed jaw, and puffy cheeks and neck. The disease is airborne but is able to be transmitted if an infected person sneezes, coughs, or touches an objects, like a handrail or doorknob.


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