The University of Calgary has recently banned Connor Neurauter from campus grounds after pleading guilty and being convicted of the sexual assault of a minor.


A group of lawyers has stated that the University is abusing its power by banning Connor Neurauter from campus after he was convicted and found guilty of sexual intercourse with a minor. They also said that it was within the judge’s power to punish, not the University.

The Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association which is an organization based in Alberta has said that the University has officially expelled Connor Neurauter and that fearing for the safety of others as well as his very own safety, campus guards will remove him from the grounds should he be seen on them.

Connor was only sentenced 3 months in jail for engaging in sexual activities with a 13-year old minor with the judge allowing Connor to serve his sentence throughout spring in order to have time to finish the semester.

Comments and Statements

Dan Chivers, the president of the Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association has stated that “It is appalling that the University of Calgary, under the guise of security concerns, have issued a de facto expulsion,” “A judge is sentencing him and he’s going to serve his sentence. And so you can’t further punish.”

Making sure to point out that the CTLA did not condone or defend Connors actions and his sentencing but instead said “We have a choice to make as society: Will we adopt the route taken by some American states, where we deny these individuals the opportunity to reintegrate in society, by limiting their ability to participate in everyday life and consigning them to ‘sex offender ghettos’?”

A petition has been signed by thousands demanding the immediate expelling of the student and his removal from campus grounds.


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