An allegation of sexual harassment and sexual battery at a university in North Georgia are being investigated by police

Paula Penson, safety director of Shorter University, Rome, Georgia, alleged that her colleague Corey Humphries started a campaign of harassment against her despite her obvious disinterest since July.

Corey Humphries working in upper-management at the student affairs department, holding the title of vice president, has come to the university in 2012 following a career as Assistant Dean at a university in Charleston.

Penson told police that Humphries would approach her during her gym workouts in the campus gym and act in a flirtatious manner. Penson maintained that she tried her best to dismiss the behavior so as not to cause conflict.

However, when Humphries crossed the line by touching her intimately, Penson immediately departed the gym after demanding Humphries stop.

Penson proceeded to tell police that Humphries commenced to verbally harass her, repeatedly asking Penson why she no longer went to the gym while he was there.

Penson filed a complaint with human resources in October and met Humphries under the supervision of HR staff in an attempt to resolve the conflict. However, the very next day, Penson found herself once again being harassed by Humphries.

Humphries’ remains at the university despite the investigation against him

Penson became concerned after the meeting with human resources staff and Humphries when his behavior towards her escalated to the point that Penson became worried he may physically harm her.

She proceeded to take the case to the President of Shorter University, Don Dowless, who informed Penson that he would hire an attorney to handle the investigation into Humphries’ behavior and her sexual harassment allegations.

Penson noted that although it is standard operating procedure for the subject of a harassment complaint at the university to be given mandatory leave until the investigation is concluded, Humphries remains in his position as vice president.


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