The University Of Rochester’s president, T. Florian Jaeger, has announced retirement next month after several sexual misconduct accusations and being labeled as a “sexual predator”.


A special investigator has been hired from outside the university to lead the investigation into the accusations against the university’s president. The investigator has stated that the accusations against Jaeger are wildly “exaggerated and misleading in many respects” as well as coming to the conclusion that the president did not sexually harass university students and that the accusations are false and misleading.

Mary Jo White, leader of the investigation into the accusations has stated that “We do not believe that any potential claimant or plaintiff would be able to sustain a legal claim for sexual harassment in violation of federal law.”

Eight former professors and a former graduate student in the university’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences filed lawsuits in 2017 after citing that “poor investigative work” was performed during the investigation.


Many of the accusers have challenged Mary’s conclusion that the university did not harass or undermine any of the accusing students. Jessica Cantlon, a professor at the university said that they attacked her privacy and reputation and that even their colleagues refused to work with them anymore.

The university absolutely forbids any sexual or intimate relationships between its professors and undergraduate students, with a strict policy against such acts.

As the investigation continues, more and more are challenging most of the results which surface as the investigation continues after reports of Jaeger sending nude pictures to students as well as crossing a line with his sexual banter and “predatory” methods according to Celeste Kidd who is an assistant professor and accuser.


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