Windsor University is going to be moving its music school downtown, and says the preparation is a lot of work. The university has not yet publicly said what it plans to do with the old building after they move.

The Move

The University of Windsor will be moving its music school downtown, and they say that the preparation for it is a lot of work. The newly appointed director of the university’s “School of Creative Arts (SoCA)”, Vincent Georgie is currently overseeing the move of the program out of Wyandotte Street. SoCA was created when the university’s visual arts, theatre and music schools merged. The school hasn’t yet commented on what it plans to do with the old building after the move.

“This is not just moving a box of books,” he said on Tuesday. The staff will have to move about 30 pianos downtown, not to mention keyboards, turntables, speakers, cassette players, music stands, amplifiers and much more. There are around 500 faculty, staff and students that will be relocating downtown.

“Dust is a serious, serious problem for a piano,” Georgie said. “So is climate. What’s the climate going to be on the day we move our pianos? It’s an enormous amount of work co-ordinating it all with faculty and staff.”

The staff had to record a stock list of all its belongings before the move, and also had to prepare a moving sale on Thursday and Wednesday, for all that isn’t needed.

Trevor Pittman, the one who takes care of the school’s operations and productions, said: “A lot of it is high-end stuff but it’s older.”

About Vincent Georgie

Georgie was appointed as the director of the school after being  a marketing professor at Odette’s Business School for nine years. He also has a PhD for arts marketing and was an executive director for the “Windsor International Film Festival” since 2013.

He got his HBA at the University of Toronto, his MBA at Odette’s Business School and his PhD in HEC, Montreal. He also received several grants and awards from all three of those schools, including “Marketing Professor of the Year for four years in a row. He’s also published a number of works, including two journal publications: “The marketing arts and culture: an analytical and selective bibliography,” as well as an upcoming book called “Success strategies for undergraduate education.”

“My life has been dedicated to the arts,” he said. “Plus moving downtown is historic. To make this type of investment in creative arts in 2017 in Windsor just jumps out.”  


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