The majorityé LRM s’affirms and tests the’exéexecutive committee on sensitive topics

" there are no individual victories. They are only defeats. "The words of Gilles, The Son-in-law, group chairman of the Republic in The market (RMLS) in the national Assembly, Tuesday 23 October. The weekly meeting of the group was the opportunity of...

Anti-Disengagement Training: A mother of four tests, what the method brings

In unserer alten Kita gab es eine Mutter, die war ständig heiser. Es genügte schon, wenn einer ihrer Sprösslinge die Jacke an den falschen Haken hängte oder sich ungefragt an der Bauklotz-Kiste bediente, und sie brüllte los. „Drei Jungs, das ist nicht...

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates, is dead

Figure of the computer, but also the sport, the billionaire and philanthropist Paul Allen, the co-founder in 1975 with Bill Gates of the american giant Microsoft, was a survivor twice of cancer before he succumbed Monday to a recurrence, at the age...

Didier Guillaume l'Agriculture, a “spin of fate” !

" I decided to quit the political life. I'm going to resign my mandate as senator in the coming weeks. This decision is well thought through. "Who would have thought, January 16, 2018, that the Didier Guillaume, who published these lines on...

Brexit – May-Corbyn : l'impossible alliance ?

out of the last summit, the Europeans have adopted a strategy : to exert maximum pressure on the government of Theresa May. Thus, they have made no new agreement proposal and have decided to cancel the extraordinary summit, which was to conclude...


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Best tech events to attend in Miami

The tech landscape is constantly changing. In 2020, we should expect to see higher functionality, better integration, development of products targeted at teaching and...