The photo that illustrates the header of this text is of award; it is a shudder, a treaty of life, the best expression of the many and great values of the art of bullfighting, the harshness and grandeur of this festival as bloody as noble.

The protagonist of the picture is Miguel Angel Perera, who, after a few moments of the harsh fuck of Mariano de la Viña, with the weird face, the soul broken and the smell of tragedy attached to the suit of lights, ask for a rake to the sandboxes and clean the pool of blood that the wounded friend had left on the sand.

“This is so and we must go on”, seems to say.

Perera is the representation of the hero, ‘of those heroes of the TWENTY-first century that we do not deserve’, in the words of compañero Juan Diego Madueno.

Seven bullfighters and a trimmer were injured in the weekend

The author of that vibration in colors is Muriel Feiner, journalist, writer, and photographer, born in New York, is fond of committed and married to the matador de toros Pedro Giraldo. Muriel -a woman glued to their cameras – camera runs through the main fairs and offers each evening a master class in print journalism beyond muletazos pointless.

This snapshot is the sad music of a weekend ‘cataclysmic’, adjective used by the doctor Val-Carreres, surgeon of the plaza of Zaragoza, to qualify the situation of the bullfighter Mariano de la Viña when he entered the infirmary.

Because the days 12 and 13 of October of 2019 have already been marked in the black list of the bullfighting season.

Mariano of the Vineyard, behind Enrique Ponce, on the evening of the fuck. Muriel Feiner

On the morning of the Day of Pilar, the cutter Paul Martin Guindi fell wounded in the plaza de Zaragoza and suffered three serious gorings.

By the afternoon, the Sales, the bravo Gonzalo Caballero returned to the infirmary with a ‘tobacco’ fat, another, one more of the many that seems to be paid for this bullfighter.

And on Sunday, the cataclysm. Mariano de la Viña performed by the great precipice, and had the luck in the bottom of the abyss you will find a medical team that returned to the surface.

The bullfighters are a few crazy people willing to give their lives for an illusion

But there was more in that run that closed the fair of the Pillar.

The junior José María Soler was flipped by the second bull in a couple of flags and go to doctors with damage to the meniscus of the right leg and the scaphoid of the right hand.

Miguel Angel Perera, who had cleaned the blood of the Vine, also left throatings of yours when the sixth bull stole the cloak, and pursued him with a vengeance until you empitonó by the right thigh.

And to Ponce he detected the fracture of a rib, a result of the somersault he suffered in the same plaza on Thursday, October 10.

That Sunday afternoon, in the town of granada Peza fell wounded the deputy Rubén García Pérez with a butt in the chest. And beyond the Atlantic, in the plaza Mexico, another junior, Gerardo Angelino, was seen of a butt in the perianal area.

A weekend truly ‘cataclysmic’.

And what?

As the season has wanted to say goodbye with all its rigour. The bulls and kill in the arena dies of truth, which does not justify in any way the fraud and manipulation imposed by the bullfighting powerful.

The fiesta of the bulls is for heroes, aliens, beings from another galaxy, strange misunderstood in a society that lost values in spurts and tries to hide their misery in what is socially correct, so far away, so many times, of the reality of the human being.

A party of crazy and to crazy; some crazy so-called bullfighters, willing to give his life for an illusion; and to a people poisoned by the emotion that follows the show in the arena.


Sales must be a Big Door to The Cid (and the bullfighter owed six), Fernando Savater, bullfighting: “The animalism current is a chaladura” Rafaelillo, torero (a veteran war hero): “I Want to leave you to suffer so much”

And, sometimes, the hero falls and is seen rolling down a cliff that seem to have no end. And there, in the dim darkness that separates the light from the darkness appears other beings, aliens also, expert professionals that deal with miraculous efficacy of the fallen recover again the verticality.

When Mariano de la Viña came to the infirmary he found the doctor Carlos Val Carreres and his team, and no one knows how they got to reanimate this lifeless body a beating and gored by a black mole angry.

But Val Carreres, and theirs are not gods or magicians; they are medical, honorable, famous, and respected, as so many others, anonymous to most, who take care of the crazy dresses lights defying the limits of being human.

By the way, Mariano de la Viña, a bullfighter since she was born in Albacete, spain, 51 years ago (the met the day before the catch), it will come out of this. Insurance. Will come out because the bullfighters are not earthly, but loved athletic, strong as a rock, made the sacrifice, the effort and overcoming. Crazy that we do not deserve.

In September of last year was the town crier of the fair of her hometown, and there he told how he met the bullfighting atmosphere in his childhood from the hand of his father, Mariano Mingo Molina, amateur, professional bullfighting, and professor of the School of Bullfighting of Albacete, and his grandfather, Valeriano of the Vineyard, novillero, banderillero, rancher and businessman.

it Was his father who suggested him to be banderillero to learn and understand the craft, and to this is devoted since 1986. Has been on the crews of his cousin Rafael Vineyard, Daniel Luque, Victor Mendes and Manuel Caballero, although it has reached the size of a figure at the side of Enrique Ponce, in whose orders parries from more than two decades ago. In total, almost 2,500 bullfights and other 500 festivities more between calves and festivals.

Honor and glory for Mariano and for all the bullfighters fallen; respect and admiration to a few doctors who seem to be magicians. And reverence always for these fools of the TWENTY first century are born ready to give his life for an illusion, and dress of colors and lights to not go unnoticed. What a less…!

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