Always counts when there is news of a large-scale and technically sophisticated cyber attack, Russia to the first Suspect. The Russian intelligence services and sponsored hacker teams count in terms of complex Internet attacks of the greatest dangers of the networked world. Now the successor to the Soviet KGB, the domestic secret service FSB, a victim of an attack.

At the 13. In July, hackers managed group 0v1ru$ to, and get access to 7.5 terabytes of data, projects of the secret service, the Russian edition of “BBC”, which got access to the stolen information is reported, among other things. The acquired Server came not from the FSB itself, instead, the group attacked the company SyTech, which was commissioned by the FSB since 2009, with various secret projects, “Forbes”. The website of the company graced after the attack, only a picture of the popular “Yoba Face”Memes, the data have been partially posted on Twitter, and selected media distributed.

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“Nautilus” and “Mentor”

In the evaluation of the data passed to the journalists clashed on a number of projects, the existence of which previously nothing was known. Customer of most of them military cyber unit 71330 was. The projects reveal a lot about how Russia wants to secure control over the Internet. The automatic Scanning of social networks such as Facebook belonged as yet to the harmless variants.

language speaker, listening nightmare: Chinese hackers make the Amazon Echo to the bug By Malte Mansholt

the intelligence agents tried in about 2012 under the code name “Nautilus-S” the anonymity of the Tor network to overturn it. In the network the data will be passed according to the onion principle again and again from one Server to the next, so as to conceal their origin. To prevent this, put on to short-hand their own Tor node and logged all between them, shared data. In addition, it could affect the Traffic between the nodes in a targeted manner and, for example, a user to a fake Version of a website under cheer.

The goal is likely to have been in addition to the insight into criminal businesses, particularly the access to system critics. Because of the anonymity, Tor is also popular with dissidents and journalists. Unnoticed that does not, however, remained: as early as 2014, Swedish researchers have expressed for the first time, the suspicion that some Tor nodes are operated by state Agencies.

cyber attack on German government APT28 – the, the hackers behind the attack on the Federal network Of painted Mans E-Mails at the touch of a button

Under the name of “Mentor brings” developed SyTech in addition, a System that retrieves automatically on a regular basis the E-Mails of selected users. Alternatively, you could intercept all E-Mails to entire groups of users, the specific phrases are included. It was not about popular E-Mail programs on the computers of the users, but directly to the provider. The Server of two large Russian Internet providers will be called according to the “BBC” as explicitly searchable.

All the information mountains about individuals should wear “mosquito” together. The Client placed much importance to the fact that the Collecting of any conclusions to be drawn on “national interests” pull left. The exact opposite is about “Tax-up to 3” possible: the aim of The programme to the year 2018 was to be able to persons under state protection, out of the official System of the tax authority disappear.

Abgekapseltes network

The primary means for control of the Russian Internet, but should the project hope to be. Already between 2013 and 2014 in the order of the military unit 71330 investigation should find out exactly how the Russian parts of the Internet with the World Wide Web connected.

insiders grabs from make money at any price: How Kim cyber army Jong-UN’s Regime, millions brings By Malte Mansholt

The result will be used by Russia from the end of November: Then the law comes in force, Russia should guarantee the sovereign control of the network, if the global Internet, it should once have problems. The function had been rehearsed, the country is already the beginning of the year, by had turned off the Russian power for some time. Critics have noted already that the Russian state could use the sovereign control is the other way around – in order to isolate the Russian network for political and tactical reasons, specifically from the Internet. For example, the access to uncomfortable messages about Russia, or even a cyber attack on the country could prevent it.

sources: BBC, Forbes,

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