The witch hunt continues in the american cinema. When an audio podcast baptized Broken: Jeffrey Epstein produced by Adam McKay, the filmmaker has discussed the idea of a documentary series about the case that has shaken the United States this summer.

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Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire from the middle finance had been arrested in July on suspicion of being involved in a sex trafficking of minors. A month later, he was found hanged in his cell, but the conditions of what has been defined as a “suicide apparent” rest flouent. In the wake of the news, the director of the prison administration, american federal had been replaced. The business has extended to France. First of all, because Jeffrey Epstein had an address at 22, avenue Foch in Paris, where he had been arrested before his repatriation and detention. Then, Agnès Vahramian, a journalist from France television specialist in the subject, has revealed the existence of a book containing addresses of French as well as a section for “massage”.

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Vanity Fair reports that Adam McKay plancherait on a written project and a documentary on this case. Discussions are also underway with “a major tv studio”. A docusérie four parts, which are produced by Radical Media ( Hypertension ) to Netflix would also be in the pipes. In 2018 McKay was the achievement of Vice , a film about the former vice-president of the United States Dick Chenay, accused of having revealed the identity of a CIA agent, act under the federal crime in the United States. The film was nominated eight times for an Oscar in 2019 including for best film, best director, best actor, or best screenplay. He had finally been rewarded by Oscar for best makeup and hairstyles.

Vice – trailer


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