Apple has given an unusual defeat, and the market launch of a long-announced device have to cancel. The charging Mat AirPower for the wireless Charging of the battery of up to three devices do not appear, however, informed the iPhone group.

You have found after great efforts, finally, that AirPower will the claim of Apple, said Hardware development, competent Top Manager Dan Riccio. He apologized to the customers who had been waiting for the device.

Apple had presented to AirPower already in September 2017, and at that time, without a precise date for a market to start the year 2018, it was announced. With the device you should be able to simultaneously charge an iPhone, the Computer at the Apple Watch and the AirPods earphones, by placing them on the Mat.

Apple introduces new technology traditionally, when the group is convinced of the market’s maturity – in the case of AirPower, therefore, must be after the presentation, unforeseen difficulties appeared. The group is experimenting with devices that do not come at the end of the market. However, an already advertised product does not appear, has not. Recently, new devices such as the AirPods or the networked speaker HomePod, although delays – but in the trade they came finally, however.

longer, there were media reports that Apple had to fight with AirPower, with massive technical problems. The “Wall Street Journal” wrote, now that Apple have deleted the Mat abruptly, after it had been ascertained that the production costs are too high, the Charging pad overheating, and individual devices such as the Apple Watch does not reliably charge. Even the financial service Bloomberg reported of Overheating and problems with the Software, as well as when Loading, if the devices can be freely placed on the Mat.

for AirPower needs in the short term to be decided: In the case of the just released Wireless charging case for the AirPods had been on the charging Mat referred to. The “Wall Street Journal” had reported recently, AirPower had been released for production. In addition, operating system iOS have been found in the latest Beta Version of the iPhone-notes on a support of the device.

Apple did not specify the problems with AirPower. From other manufacturers, there are now charging Mat for two devices. However, you have to place this right on certain Points, and Apple had tried to build up a Mat of the devices everywhere could lie down. For that you should be with overlapping load coils filled.



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