The complaints usually occur shortly after the consumption of milk and milk products: a bloated stomach, abdominal pain, diarrhea or Nausea and vomiting. Who can digest dairy products hard to tolerate milk sugar (lactose), possibly only in small quantities. Experts speak then of lactose intolerance.

This is not uncommon: About half of the world’s population has difficulty digesting lactose. You the enzyme lactase is missing, it is not sufficiently produced by the body. This enzyme breaks down the milk sugar, so that the intestines can process it further.

The Problem: milk sugar is contained in very many foods. In milk most sugar, with Almost five grams in 100 milliliters, the equivalent of a spoonful of lactose in a small Cup of milk. That is not enough: lactose is also included in Pudding, ice cream, cheese, baked goods, spice mixes or canned vegetables.

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Good news for the lactose intolerant

If you really are lactose-intolerant, the doctor. Patients in whom the enzyme is missing, have to live with it. No physician can fix the defect. What remains is the change in Diet. Concerned must, where possible, food without milk, eat sugar or those that contain little lactose. Who would not want to absolutely do without it, can help out with artificial enzymes. It is in the Form of chewable tablets or as a powder. If you can tolerate the good, however, you have to try.

A light look, but there is: cheese. Not every type of cheese for lactose intolerant taboo. Better said: the older, the aged a cheese is, the more acceptable he is also Affected. As to why that is? During the maturation process the lactose into glucose and galactose is cleaved and subsequently converted to lactic acid. This includes the following cheeses: Appenzeller, Bergäse, Cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan and Raclette equipment. In Germany, cheese, “lactose-must be free” if it contains less than 0.1% lactose.

in fat and calories: stay away from these four types of cheese! Fullscreen

stay away from individually wrapped slices of cheese

not “should Actually call this” cheese “not cheese”. Are included in particular additives, such as disease-causing phosphates. Therefore, an absolute No-Go. Caution, especially in front of the cheese on the Cheeseburger, there is in most Fast Food restaurants.


people who are not able to metabolize milk sugar well tolerated also in acidified milk products such as yogurt, thick milk, butter milk and curd. Here, too, the lactic acid bacteria have reduced a portion of the milk sugar.


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