traveled During US President Donald Trump to Texas, to advertise again for the construction of a border wall of Mexico, is shared on the Internet a short Video Clip from a TV Western series from the fifties hard-working. A rogue with the name Trump is to see who wants to sell the inhabitants of a city a wall. His reasoning: Only with an impermeable wall could save the city before the end of the world. However, a brave Texas transferred to the Ranger the scammers.

As in a popular episode of “the Simpsons”, which is known to be the presidency, trump had predicted, shows the result from the series “track down”, which ran from 1957 to 1959 in the US television, a precise vision of the future.

of The Clip to the wall is more current than ever

In the edited Clip of an episode of the snake oil tried dealer Trump to reach his goal through the dissemination of fear. To sue the Texas Ranger, the master Plan thwarted, he threatens. Also, Trump is quick with threats against opponents, for instance against the porn actress Stormy Daniels. Under the Youtube Video a user wrote thus: “The man who wrote the screenplay, must be a time traveler.”

16 years Ago, the “Simpsons” U.S. President Donald Trump in advance

The Clip said had been shot once in the year 2016 during the US election campaign, its round on the Internet, but in the current debate about the financing of the Berlin wall and the ongoing “Shutdown”, the country-wide budget freeze, he is more topical than ever. The real Trump visited on Thursday the border to Mexico, in order to give a claim to the billion sums for the construction of the wall vigorously. In the Texas border station in McAllen, he complained of a “huge flood of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings”, which could be stopped by the border wall. Due to the dispute regarding the budget and the construction of the wall, with the opposition Democrats, the President said his participation at the world economic forum in Davos.



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