It was a day in 1913, the Peter Kürten, the murderer was. In his birth city of Mülheim, he broke into the apartment of a restaurant. Valuables the burglar no, the sleeping ten-year-old daughter of the host people. Kurten strangled the child, and stabbed it with his pocket knife. Then he drove back to his place of residence in Düsseldorf, and the murder remained for many years unaccounted for. The life of the little girl was the first to Peter Kürten wiped out.

at Least eight were added years later. Peter Kürten was one of the most notorious murderers of the German history. His nickname “vampire of Düsseldorf” he received from the press, after he had been drinking, and in 1929 the blood of a killed Swan. The court records suggest that he also drank the blood of some of his victims. In may 1930 he was arrested, and a year later sentenced to death.

At the 2. July, 1931, Peter Kürten, Cologne was executed. His body was handed over to the anatomical-biological Institute of the University for research purposes. The head of the serial killer was mummified.

Honka to hair man: From the pleasure in the Kill – the most cruel German serial killer Fullscreen

Karl Think (“dad Think”, “cannibal from münster mountain”) killed between 1903 and 1924 in his apartment in Münsterberg (now Ziebice in Poland) at least 30 people, mostly tramps. He killed his victims, processed, and ate their meat, he made also in salt brine preserved – to the market in Wroclaw sold. Through his actions he brought the book. 31. Victim was hard to escape hurt, was already noted. Committed to think of it in the prison suicide. During the search of his apartment, the police skin found that the 42 victims of the close – including suspenders and Shoe laces from People.

©Wikimedia Commons The head of Peter Kürten lands on Hawaii, Wisconsin

Later, the relic came to unsettled cause in the possession of the collector Arne Coward. The native-born Norwegians, and Holocaust Survivors had a penchant for the morbid collector’s items. He had a 1978 in the “American Atheist Magazine” published article, according to the “world’s largest collection of sound torture tools”. In the 1960s, Coward went to Hawaii and opened in Honolulu as a Museum for the macabre.

Arne Coward died in the year 1979. After his death the collection passed to his widow, who sold with the help of her nephew, Randall Miller of parts of it. In July 1989, Miller showed the head of California Edward Meyer, Vice-President of “Ripley’s Believe it or not!”. The company operates in the United States, among other things, several museums, especially for curious and Unusual will be presented. “Ripley’s interest in heads brought together that time,” Meyer and the Coward-heirs, shall notify the company on the star in demand. And further: “He was acquired as part of a collection, together with two shrunken heads and a Voodoo doll”. Subsequently, the head of the “vampire of Düsseldorf” was his way as an exhibit in the “Ripley’s”Museum in Wisconsin Dells in the U.S. state of Wisconsin.

There he is examined today:

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Found this today: The bisected and mummified head of German serial Peter Kurten, known as the Dusseldorf Vampire. What Kurten beheaded in 1931 for his crimes. His behavior what so deranged that criminologists believed his brain had to be physically different from the average person. For this reason, his head was preserved, so it could be studied. Today it is on display in an unlikely place: A dark room inside Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in the “waterpark capital of the world”, Wisconsin Dells. This artifact is also the subject of an episode of @John Borowski film-maker’s series Serial Killer Culture TV streaming now on Amazon. #cultofweird #weirdwisconsin #oddities #wisconsindells #wisconsin #ripleysbelieveitornot #true crime #serial killer #serial killer culture #Peter Kurten #Dusseldorf vampire #dusseldorf

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