What can we learn from top chefs for your home? This question runs through 208 pages and in Stefanie Hiekmanns book, “in Demand: 30 top chefs reveal their kitchen secrets”. Of course, the Interviews with the well-known kitchen masters, no substitute for cooking-training – deliver practical and comprehensive professional knowledge for hobby cooks at home. 30 well known chefs from the best Restaurants of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, spill the beans and reveal the best tips to your personal favorite dishes and Signature Dishes.


More secrets of the top chefs in “Demand”. The author Stefanie Hiekmann is to be seen also in the Jury of the ZDF cooking show “city, country, Yummy” (on Saturdays at 15.15 PM). The book appeared in the EMF-Verlag. 208 pages. 26 Euro.

How to prepare salad that makes full and happy, Paul Ivić?

this starts with The shopping: the salad that makes you happy, you must taste it. And for salad must be fresh, really fresh! Salad, three or four days old, will never taste as good as really fresh. Every Time I have to my Relatives in Croatia, then we harvest the lettuce fresh from the field. Because he has real strength and arouses emotions, because the salad tastes like salad! Then it doesn’t need more than a little salt, good olive oil and lemon juice – done! Often salad is drowned in any Marinade – that’s not going to be happy. It is better, the salad taste out the course of lifting and good Oils to the paint. Olive oil fits well, but also pumpkin seed oil, linseed oil, walnut oil – you just have to try, and perhaps with different Vinegars combine.

tips from the professional kitchen How to make fish sticks yourself?

And if you want to then make a filling out of it, then cheese or olives come into play. The salad good, clean, and dry is always. Then the salt comes in, it is only now that the Oil and vinegar. And if you don’t want to use the outer leaves so fond of, then you put them in a blender, a few ice cubes and mix everything with olive oil, salt and pepper until smooth. So a really nice, refreshing cream that’s doing well under the salad!

By Stefanie Hiekmann


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