It is a very special light that the sun casts, in September and October, on the earth, because it is golden. As a result, the world acts like blur, everything seems to be of a gentle Flair wrapped. A good reason to leave for the last Time outside the covers because the temperatures during the day are pleasant. The photographers from the VIEW photo community, use this time for Nude photography. Vanitas, the transience, the Extremes of show, when young models on the verblühende nature. It need not always be the symbolic Skull and crossbones.

While some photographers that Pose to be the most important, out for other than the most Important thing is the authenticity of the Models to work. “Female nudity you have to give the men with the teaspoon, not with the ladle”, already knew Coco Chanel. This is the great art of Nude photography, which differs from the pornographic photography. The Nude photography can be quite erotic. The German photographer Günter Rinnhofer has described it as: “A Nude photo is then good when the model rumzeigt it is the birthday of the grandmother on the coffee table and the present will find it well.” The half Nude, where the models dressed in part, or with Foliage – draped form for such occasions are often the best solutions.

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