Imagine. This is the apocalypse, and the incorrigible Bugs Bunny and his companions of the Looney Tunes are exceeded: an asteroid, a super villain threatens to destroy the planet Earth. It was then that the band crosses the road of a certain Axl, which pass in the corner to get to a gig where he has to play with his group, Steelunderpantz. Together, they then decide to team up for “rocker the rock”. Neither one nor two, drums, microphone and guitars in hand, the five comrades might begin a piece-electric and groundbreaking, Rock the Rock , including agreements drawn into the space through large speakers are going to attempt to disintegrate the asteroid threatening. For a return to music after a break of a little more than a decade, Axl Rose could not be more rock’n’roll.

This episode of Looney Tunes was released to american television by Boomerang at the end of the month of December, but according to Rolling stone , the network has confirmed the involvement of Axl Rose in the musical production that last Friday. It would seem that this is not the case for the other members of the legendary group of hard american rock. Axl Rose, would not have written the song, the credits being given to other composers. It is all the same, the first musical production of the singer of Guns N’ Roses since 2008, the year of release of the last album of the group, Chinese Democracy .

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In the comments, fans are already thrilled, and also note the details in the representation in the cartoon of the singer of their favorite band. “They really drew Axl with his style of dress current. His shoes, collars for dog ankles. Even his flannel shirt is tied around his waist,” can it be read under the video. “They even went as far to add two necklaces with a cross, instead of a single one.” In the middle of the song, you can also see the character of Axl Rose to run his serpentine dance singing.

A new song, harbinger of a new album? During their last tour, “Not in This Lifetime” Tour, the Guns N’ Roses played the generic of Looney Tunes at the beginning of every concert. Last December, guitarist Richard Fortus has suggested, at the microphone of KSHE 95 that the group was already working on “some stuff” and that a new album could “happen faster than you think.”


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