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What started in 2011 as a crazy idea, has long been a serious Mission: After years of preparation, was Beresheet, the unmanned landing probe on the 22. In February of this year launched aboard a Falcon rocket from Elon Musks company SpaceX in Cape Canaveral. Even then, it was clear that The rocket has only transported into space, the Rest of the probe must lay back using your thrusters and the gravitational pull of the moon. Beresheet is translated as Genesis, will travel for several weeks up to the moon. About two and a half months the Trip would take, it said.

Well, it went faster. After 49 days in space, the probe should set up on Thursday evening between 21 o’clock and 22 o’clock German time on the surface of the moon. The landing manoeuvre, you can track from 20.30 at the top of the Livestream.

Designed and built Beresheet of the private company SpaceIL is. She has designed the Lander originally, in order to win the Google Lunar X-Prize – it was nothing, only an extra for SpaceIL designed the special price is still conceivable. However, there is an entry in the books of the history of space flight is still possible. Because the probe was supposed to land as planned in the targeted lunar sea of serenity, this is not only the 21. Mission to achieve a soft landing on the moon. It would be the first privately funded landing on the moon of all times.

A metal box in the kitchen table format

first of All, the Israeli Mission is a Demonstration of Power and Can. The scientific value of the Mission is considered to be low. After landing Beresheet data to collect to the magnetic field. Two to three days, the measurements take the best case. That was it then but also.

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With around 160 kilograms of weight and a size of 1.8 times and 1.2 metres is Beresheet well as a metal box in the kitchen table format. Around 100 million US dollars it has cost, according to the manufacturer, no device of this kind was yet so small and cheap. As of tonight, Israel should belong to as the fourth Nation to the illustrious round of the moon country teams. The is the USA, with a total of twelve manned and unmanned devices to the moon, followed by the Soviet Union with seven unmanned lunar missions. China brings it so far, on two of which, the probe, Chang’e 4 resulted in greater attention, because your Lander was the First to put ever on the far side.


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