The big landlord Deutsche Wohnen in Berlin and the Symbol for excessive Rent. “Deutsche Wohnen & Co expropriate speculation fight” is the battle cry of the people desire, with which the initiators of the policy and want to force you to provide “social housing”.

The annual figures presented by Deutsche Wohnen now, be sure to provide relaxation in the emotional debate. In 2018, the operating profit (Funds from Operations 1, short-FFO1) increased in the year compared to eleven percent to nearly 480 million euros, as the MDax company announced on Tuesday in Berlin. And this year, the housing group on higher profits by increasing Rents.

Chairman of the Board Michael Zahn said on Tuesday that the Rent in the 160,000 of the group are to increase housing, on average, by three percent. The operating profit is expected to grow by twelve percent to 535 million euros, says the Tooth at the time of submission of the annual balance sheet. “The main driving forces are for rent growth and the full impact of acquisitions in the past year.”

housing Initiative wants to expropriate real estate companies in Berlin – but is that so easy? Largest and most controversial landlords in Berlin

Deutsche Wohnen is 112.000 apartments in Berlin, the largest private landlords in the capital. Several Thousand units it holds, among other things, in the Rhine-Main area, Dresden and Leipzig as well as Hanover and Braunschweig. In Berlin listed group is the stock market, especially in the criticism. An Initiative to collect signatures for a petition that calls for the expropriation of the big real estate companies.

Tooth said: “expropriation is currently a lot of emotions, but no apartment.” Be the group rent apartments that are affordable for large parts of the population. On average, they measure 60 square metres and cost a monthly 580 Euro hot, modernized apartments 800 Euro. “Housing is one of the great social issues of our time,” said Tooth. His company wants to contribute more to the discussion. The rent is at 6.70 euros cold, for new Contracts, there are 9,08 Euro.

critics complain that the company is investing three times as much money, to modernize apartments energetically as you maintain modernization costs may be passed on to the rent. Chief financial officer Philip Major announced, to change this ratio. Tooth said: “climate protection is not in vain.”

stakeholders and experts Express themselves Arm by live – absurd Rent, and desperate people, shareholders receive a higher dividend

the Bottom line is that the Deutsche Wohnen earned last year was 1,9 billion Euro, six percent more than in the previous year. The shareholders should benefit: The Management wants to increase the dividend to 87 cents per share, to 80 cents in the previous year.

How much Rents in the capital will rise depends also on how in may, the new Rent shortfall, said Tooth. Deutsche Wohnen’s forecast assumes that the customary comparative rent increases to five percent.

you Climb stronger, could also increase the Rents at Deutsche Wohnen stronger, said chief financial officer Philip Major to a question by banks. Compared with West German cities, Berlin still have a lot of Catch-up potential.

In the past year, the Rent, the group had grown by 3.4 per cent, and in Berlin by 3.6 percent. The operating profit (FFO1) grew by eleven percent to nearly 480 million euros, as the MDax company announced on Tuesday.

bak / DPA


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