do not Get a plane at 10,000 meters of altitude problems, for example, when the engine is running properly or stutters, there is usually only one option: turn It off and the next airport between zulanden.

As reported “” were the pilots of a Boeing 737 from Norwegian, therefore, perfectly correct, as at 14. December of last year on the flight DY-1933 from Dubai to Oslo an engine made plant anything else. They disabled it, burned a little fuel and touched down safely at the airport in Shiraz. In Iran. This landing was hard.

flight accident statistics To 2018: these are the 10 safest Airlines in the world Fullscreen

10: Jet Star

The Australian low-cost airline Jetstar is a subsidiary company of Qantas, with its main office is in Melbourne. The more than 70 Jets, founded in 2004, the Airline will be used on Australian domestic routes. With the Boeing 787 also targets in Asia are controlled.

©Till Bartels Norwegian machine hanging in Iran

For weeks, the machine is now in Iran. The reason for this is US sanctions. Various media report that it is due to the embargo as a difficult, a replacement engine to import the plant to Shiraz and to repair. This requires an exception approval, the Airline is not required to violate the sanctions.

The 180 passengers had a little more luck. At least in terms of the return journey to Oslo. The passengers and Crew were accommodated in a Hotel. A replacement machine from Norwegian picked up the passengers, eleven hours later, in Shiraz. A completely normal procedure after an incident such as this. The unplanned landing, but it could have a negative impact: when one of the passengers in the United States would like to enter. Because all of the 180 guests will have to enter Iranian soil. The current US regulations do not, after a stay in Iran visa-free entry into the United States is possible.

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