Parliamentarians of the Bundestag to discuss in an open debate about new rules for organ donation. The subject came up on the Initiative of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn on the Agenda. He wants to reach for, that the Bundestag until mid-2019 to make a decision. Today’s orientation debate, which continued without any group forced to serve as the Basis for a draft law.

The CDU politician campaigned before the members for a transition to the so-called double contradiction solution. That means that every citizen in Germany and would initially apply as a donor. Who does not contradict to the lifetime, after the death automatically as an organ donor. As an additional hurdle to be asked – if there is no objection – members.

so Far, the so-called decision-making solution applies in Germany: The removal of organs after the brain death of a Person is possible only if this has expressly agreed.

Spahn said in the Bundestag, the topic is driving him – as a politician, but also as a human being. “Each of us, may tomorrow be in the Situation to be an organ donor to depend on.” He had worked long with the subject, and he wishes that today’s debate would be broad and detailed before the process of drafting the law start. The main idea was: How can we increase the number of organ donors in Germany?

sympathy for the double contradiction solution has already been expressed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), SPD Deputy Karl Lauterbach. This reminded once again of the “unnecessary suffering” of many people who waited in Germany on organ donation. The contradiction solution is absolutely necessary, so Lauterbach. The Need will continue to increase, given the ageing population in the coming years. Therefore, he would argue that “everyone is dealing with this matter”. And he recalled that the opposition solution is doubly protected: members might say to the death of a Person is still that these have last but decided against it.

Lauterbach reminded once again that other European countries this practice would have been implemented a long time ago.

the end of a organ donation organ donation

before someone comes up as a donor question, you need to find two experienced Physicians independently the brain death. This occurs as soon as in the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem no more activity can be measured. Thus, the organs are not damaged, it must be ventilated to the donor or the donor’s artificial.

If it is clarified, that organs should be removed, it is examined the brain-dead donor on tumor diseases and infections. This is to ensure that the receiver of an organ is not compromised.

The data of the donor to the European exchange Euro to be sent plans of the TRANS. Here is wanted on the waiting lists for suitable recipients.

are Then taken from the deceased, the organs that he was willing to donate. The corpse is then prepared for viewing and can be buried.

The organs are cooled and Packed and get to their destination. You will be transported by ambulance or, in urgent cases, by plane.


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