the support of The French Anti-terrorism Operation “Barkhane” in Mali, the Bundeswehr is covered by the mandate of the Bundestag. This was the result of a status report of the Scientific services of the Bundestag, of the present WORLD.

it was true that drones, the Transmission of reconnaissance results of the German Heron-French combat units and air transport of French soldiers “in the Bundestag mandate is not explicitly defined in Detail,” reads the paper.

However, the UN Mission “to Minusma,” the Bundeswehr is involved, and the French Anti-Terror-Mission “by the common enemy on-the-spot” connected to each other. “The order by the UN security Council to all the security forces in the Region, against as terrorist classified organizations act, is the act of reason”, the lawyers.

confidential use of the protocols of the United Nations, the WORLD ON SUNDAY reported, had become a close collaboration for the first time to the public. Therefore, the Bundeswehr is supporting the French Anti-terrorist Mission, which is aimed to turn off the Islamist fighters, through the Transmission of drone images and air transport of French soldiers and ammunition stocks.

The Federal government has admitted hundreds of such flights between March 2016 and June 2018. In the mandate of the Federal day use, however, is only support by the “temporarily-provided air to air refuelling capability for French forces,” mentioned.

representatives from Green, AfD, the left and FDP had complained, therefore, that the German soldiers would have to work in a legal gray area. The FDP-defense politician Alexander Müller asked the Scientific services of the Bundestag and now a clarification.

The progress report, however, has a weak point: it is Checked only the current mandate in 2018. The inserts, in particular, the helicopter transport took place, the majority of the period of validity of the previous mandate of 2017. It was formulated with regard to the German-French cooperation is more restrictive.


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