Spring and summer usually awaken the adventurous spirit, and many embark on an adventure by car. If you want to cross Europe from Porto to Istanbul, or you will be satisfied with a more modest trip in the region – you need to thoroughly prepare the car. Sudden situations guarantee a ruined journey. So, take a look at what these essential car accessories are to bring on your first road trip. We have taken care of the tips, and we leave the good fun to you.

What Do You Need To Know Before Going On A Car Road Trip?

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Here’s what you need to know before going on a car road trip. The first piece of advice we can say right away – is to choose a destination according to your driving capabilities and desires. What does it mean? Any young driver can be good, however, long journeys are something to prepare for. If you have never been on a long trip before – even a distance of 400 km can be too long. That is why choosing a holiday destination is the first thing you need to do. Knowing your options is half the battle. If you feel you are ready for this challenge, let’s move on. Here are some tips to help you get started. What accessories do you need for a road trip?

Car Accessories You Need To Have On Your First Car Road Trip

There are a few things you should keep in mind and read more about before you start your journey. The most important thing is to prepare the car for the trip and check the condition of the vehicle and tires. But there is also a list of 7 things that are good to have in your car to feel safe and comfortable, and here are the things that are in question.

# 1 Fuel in reserve

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This is especially recommended if you are traveling a particular route for the first time – and you are not sure exactly where the gas stations are. You should have spare fuel in the car – to avoid nervousness or worry about it when you see the fuel running out. This is especially recommended for longer trips. If you still happen to leave without a reserve and find yourself in the middle of nowhere – you will benefit from a fuel pump, if one of the passers-by offers to give you some gasoline from his tank.

# 2 Reflective triangle

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The reflective triangle is the obligatory equipment of every driver and with good reason. It provides safety on the road – and will benefit you if you are forced to stop at a place that is not intended for stopping due to a malfunction. In case you stop in a curve, or just before it – it would be good to have two reflective triangles, so you can adequately secure and warn other traffic participants.

# 3 Tools needed

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It’s always good to have a toolbox in your car, even if you’re not sure if you know how to handle it. Traveling can be quite unpredictable, so you never know what you might need. You may also be able to help a passer-by who has a car problem. A useful thing on the road is the ignition cables, which will quickly and easily start your car in case your battery runs out.

# 4 First aid kit

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A first aid kit is something that should always be in your car. As much as you hope you don’t need it, you’ll feel safer if you pack it. You should always carry patches and gauze with you – and also make sure that you bring medications that you use regularly. A medicine that is very useful on trips is the nausea pill. That will ease your problems if you have them – or help you fall asleep. This, of course, doesn’t apply to drivers who should never fall asleep while driving.

# 5 Phone charger

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Some cars have a phone charger plugged into a lighter or socket, but this will not help if your battery runs out. Bring an external battery charger, and before the trip, of course, make sure to charge it and pack it somewhere close at hand. A charged phone is always something necessary on a trip because you never know when you will need it.

# 6 Travel pillow

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For car travel, a good solution is the popular oval model of inflatable pillows, which you put around your neck when you want to rest. However, if you travel in your car, you also have more comfort options, so you can take any pillow out of the house. This will also be useful in case you are not satisfied with the pillow you got in the accommodation.

# 7 Blanket

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When packing for the road trip, the last thing you think about is a blanket. However, a blanket is something that can be very useful to you. You may be cold during the night – and you will need it in the winter if that’s when you’re taking the trip. It can also help you achieve a higher dose of comfort. Also, a blanket can be useful if the car breaks down. In summer, it is certainly a better option of sitting on a blanket than on hot asphalt, and in winter it will keep you warm due to the whirlwind.


In the end, we will conclude that you always have to leave room for the unexpected. Traveling by car is an adventure and a bit of a mystery, so planning every kilometer of the trip will not allow you to visit the great places you come across along the way. A successful first trip is likely to secure many more in the future. Packing is often the most tedious part of planning a trip, but the sooner you do it – the sooner you will be on your way to an interesting destination. Check the vehicle, pack the listed items, and the most important travel documents, and – you are ready.