no new violence for Christophe Castaner. The minister of the Interior issued on Thursday a speech in the courtyard of the prefecture de police in the form of a focus for the new prefect of police of Paris Didier Lallement. “Your first mission, of course, will be maintain public order in the capital”, he declared, before insisting solemnly that “urgent requirement”.

After the violence of the act 18 of yellow vests, which have resulted in the dismissal of Michel Delpuech and his director of cabinet, as well as the boss of the public safety paris Frédéric Dupuch, Christophe Castaner has demanded that the new prefect with the “impunity zero”. “The place of blacks blocks is in prison, not on the Champs-Elysées”, a-t-he ruling.

No “half-measure”

Christophe Castaner asked Didier Lallement to ensure that the new doctrine of policing, redefined “in-depth” between the 1st and the 8th of December”, “effectively and resolutely implement, without any hesitation or half-measures”.

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“Where services have established the probable presence of elements calling for violence and may adversely affect the institutions, the forces of order, to persons or property, you will prevent the rallies have been announced or envisaged,” he said.

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The executive also decided to mobilise the counter-terrorism mission Sentinel for the next events, a measure that is widely controversial within the opposition. Christophe Castaner recalled in this regard that the military “shall in no event participate in the maintenance of order”.


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